About Ending Up

When Sadie’s friends take her out to celebrate her divorce, their evening takes an unexpected turn, revealing the true meaning of friendship and the ironies of starting over in the middle. 

The filmmakers are committed to creating stories by, for and about women with a special focus on women in their 40s and beyond. 

Director’s Statement

My goal was to make a comedy that made you cry through your laughter (the way life can be at times) by exploring the ‘what ifs’ in the middle of life. 

Ending Up is about coming into your own, letting go of control, and letting go of the false idea of perfection. There’s a misconception in our culture, that when you hit 40, you should have arrived to the place you are going by now. That it marks the end of something. It’s hardly the end! It’s actually an incredibly fertile, creative, and powerful time. We’ve lived enough to be able to learn from our past and look forward to our future. To live our lives fully as we go through our 40s, we must know that we are enough. We must trust ourselves so we can truly enjoy the ride, with all its ups and downs; knowing that when one part of life ends, the next chapter is just beginning. It’s an amazing ride!  – Paige Morrow Kimball