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Paige Morrow Kimball (Writer/Director/Producer)   was born and raised in New York City and inherited her love of film making from her father Bruce who had 16mm movie-making equipment in their Brooklyn apartment. They would make films together every weekend and she discovered her passion: the art of telling stories through film. Paige received a B.F.A from NYU film school and began her career as a Production Assistant for directors Sidney Lumet and Woody Allen. She went on to produce and direct Documentaries and Reality Shows for HBO, ABC, CBS, FOX and more. Credits include: “Project Greenlight” “The Oprah Winfrey Show” “Boot Camp” “16 Days of Glory Lillehammer” and many more. After producing her greatest achievements to date: her two daughters, she was inspired by motherhood to leave no stone unturned, and she explored the entertainment industry from the other side of the camera, as an actor. Paige noticed that great roles for women in their 40s were too few. She returned to the filmmaking roots that intrigued her as a child and began making her own movies, filling this void, by creating roles with strong female leads. Film writing/directing credits include “OMG! I’m Knocked Up” and “Slipped.”  Paige is a contributing writer for   The Huffington Post, and for Women’s Voices for Change.

Jenica Bergere (Actor/Producer) loves good material and is thrilled to tell this particular story under the direction of its author, Paige Morrow Kimball. She is an actress that loves to do both comedy (MEN BEHAVING BADLY, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, SEINFELD) and drama (WITHOUT A TRACE, CSI, BONES), but has rarely gotten the chance to flex both muscles in one film. Jenica is beloved by fans of the DREW CAREY SHOW for her recurring role as “Sharon, his girlfriend, the plumber” for two seasons (made memorable by a tool belt striptease) and has had series regular roles on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX. Most recently, Jenica’s co-starring role in SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, a SUNDANCE 2012 winner which is currently in theaters, has garnered her great reviews (“A lovely Jenica Bergere”-VARIETY, “A charismatic Jenica Bergere”-DAILY HERALD, “A refreshingly grounded Jenica Bergere”-FILM FORWARD) and captured the attention of one female writer/director (Paige Morrow Kimball) who seems to understand that good material is both funny and poignant. She plans on bringing both the comedy and the drama to life in the role of Sadie.

Kathleen Minogue Keagy (Producer) With a resume that ranges the worlds of business, marketing, education, healing and the arts, Kathleen has made a career of wrangling creative ideas into cohesive projects. She fostered emerging artists in the classroom and at non-profit organizations before her combination of creativity and business savvy landed her at JPMorgan where she helped build relationships with leading technology venture capitalists. In 2012, Kathleen focused her creative talents to launch PrimeImpulse, a creative business generator supporting the work of multi-dimensional artists and entrepreneurs. Inspired by a passionate belief that crowdfunding is the new paradigm for funding innovative projects and businesses, Kathleen immersed herself in that world as Director of Executive Projects for the crowdfunding start-up Crowdjammer and as the producer of Ending Up. She now shares her passion and expertise in holistic business-building and crowdfunding with clients in Los Angeles and throughout the country. Kathleen is also a producer, writer, director, choreographer, actor, singer and dancer.

Michelle Ehlen (Assistant Director/Co-Producer) is a graduate of The Los Angeles Film School where she studied writing and directing. Her thesis short film, Half Laughing, aired nationally on LOGO and Here TV and is distributed on DVD.  Michelle also produced, wrote, directed, and acted in two critically acclaimed feature films, Butch Jamie and POP-U-larity. Butch Jamie won several awards on the festival circuit, including Best Feature at the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. In 2012, she produced two features for LOGO TV — Eating Out: Drama Camp and Eating Out: The Open Weekend.  Currently, Michelle is in post-production on a sequel to Butch Jamie, called Heterosexual Jill.

David Speck (Director of Photography) is an award winning Director of Photography who excels in the narrative and commercial world. His drive and passion for exciting visuals and storytelling, whether he is collaborating with a director, or with an agency, never fails to bring creativity and intensity to the table. The son of a military officer, Speck garnered a well-rounded outlook on people and places from moving frequently around the United States and overseas in Germany. His experiences are the foundation for his ability to create fantastic images and to find common ground with his collaborators. Speck attended The University of North Carolina School of the Arts: School of Filmmaking with a concentration in cinematography. In 2009, Speck was a winner of the International Cinematographers Guild Emerging Cinematographers Award for his work on the film Rain Rain, which also garnered best cinematography awards at several other film festivals. As a Director and DP, Speck’s commercial clients include Konami. He is based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Sherri Chung (Composer) is a classically trained pianist, singer and composer of songs, concert music and music for film & television. While still in her teens, Sherri earned numerous awards as a composer and pianist, and had opportunities to tour and perform across the U.S. and Europe. Originally from New York, Sherri received a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition and Theory at Florida’s Jacksonville University. Graduate school drew Sherri to Los Angeles in 2008. USC’s prestigious film scoring program allowed her to work alongside some of the industry’s most successful composers and orchestrators, including Randy Newman, Christopher Young and Brad Dechter. Sherri’s recent credits include scoring the TV documentary “3D Safari: Africa”, and contributing music to shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby”. In addition to composing, Sherri has orchestrated for a number of composers, including Walter Murphy, and regularly works with him on “The Family Guy” and “American Dad”. She has also worked in the music department on films “The Haunting in Connecticut”, “Toy Story 3”, “The Princess and the Frog” and “TED”.

Amadaes Baj (Co-Producer) is an accomplished singer/songwriter, musician, producer and filmmaker. She graduated with honors from the University of Michigan, receiving her B.A. with a double major in Film and Communications. She continued her education at USC’s MFA Film Production Program. After being offered a major record deal, Baj put her film path on hold for a career in music. She was a part of “Forest For the Trees,” the first band signed to DreamWorks Records (produced by Carl Stephenson-Beck, That Dog, Jude). With her duo Luminary Baj provided original music for the Comedy Central Show, “Sit n Spin” and for the acclaimed Hollywood Hell House.” As a music producer, she lent her producing talents to “Forest For The Trees,” Michelle Katz, Lexie Shine, and many up-and-coming artists. Baj is currently producing her original screenplay set during the Civil War, and featuring her music.

Nadia Voukitchevitch (Associate Producer) was born in New York and has been a Commercial TV Producer for over 10 years in the US Hispanic Market. Clients include: Time Warner Cable, Comcast, HBO, Target, Anheuser-Busch, GMC-Pontiac, Toyota, and McDonald’s. She has won numerous awards including a Belding Award for Kohl’s and a So Cal Broadcast Association award for excellence in radio broadcast. With a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, she worked on independent films at Good Machine Inc. with James Schamus and Ted Hope. She wrote, produced and directed documentaries and shorts including “Behind Closed Doors.” She’s worked with celebrities Ang Lee, George Sluizer, Cristina Saralegui, Meryl Streep, Steve Buscemi, and Salma Hayek. She produced and directed two PSAs for CHIRLA that received honors and in 2005 she began creating meaningful, thought-provoking projects to raise awareness about global issues, utilizing all 360 degrees of media. Voukitchevitch represents numerous award-winning production companies, editorial, animation/VFX and music houses. 

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