The Cast

Jenica Bergere (Sadie) loves good material and is thrilled to tell this particular story under the direction of it’s author, Morrow Kimball. She loves to act in both comedy (MEN BEHAVING BADLY, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, SEINFELD) and drama (WITHOUT A TRACE, CSI, BONES), but has rarely gotten the chance to flex both muscles in one film. Bergere is beloved by fans of the DREW CAREY SHOW for her recurring role as “Sharon, his girlfriend, the plumber” for two seasons (made memorable by a tool belt striptease) and has had series regular roles on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX. Most recently, Bergere’s co-starring role in SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, a SUNDANCE 2012 winner, has garnered her great reviews and captured the attention of one female writer/director (Paige Morrow Kimball) who seems to understand that good material is both funny and poignant. 

Matt Letscher (Paul) was born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, attended college in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan and got his start as an actor in Jeff Daniel’s Purple Rose Theater. Matt’s numerous television credits include SCANDAL, BENT, THE GOOD WIFE, ENTOURAGE, ELI STONE, BROTHERS & SISTERS and GOOD MORNING, MIAMI. He will also play the young Carrie Bradshaw’s father in the upcoming THE CARRIE DIARIES. Matt’s film highlights include playing opposite Antonia Banderas as Captain Harrison Love in THE MASK OF ZORRO, IDENTITY and GODS AND GENERALS. Matt will also appear in the new Atom Egoyan film, DEVIL’S KNOT.

Melanie Paxson (Blair) was born in Champaign, IL and has been acting since she was a child. She has a bachelor of arts in theater from University of Missouri. Melanie received more training at the famed Second City in Chicago and performed at the Steppenwolf Theatre. Also, while in Chicago Melanie was cast in the recurring role of Jaclyn in Jeremy Piven’s Cupid. Cupid’s arrow led Melanie straight to Los Angeles where audiences fell in love with her. Although Melanie first became known for her national Gladware commercial campaign, audiences soon realized Melanie’s talent extended well beyond Gladware. Melanie has been seen as a regular cast member on shows like NBC’s sitcom HAPPY FAMILY as Sara Brennen, the daughter of John Larroquette and Christine Baranski, as well as harried new mom Julie in ABC’s sitcom NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY. Melanie has had a string of successful television guest star appearances that hasn’t stopped. A partial list of Melanie’s work includes THE DREW CAREY SHOW, RELATED, JOEY, CSI, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, MEDIUM and TRUE JACKSON. Melanie continues her work as an actress while residing in California with her husband, son, dog and cat.

Ericka Kreutz (Maddie) is originally from Milwaukee and has worked all over the country doing theatre, including PROOF in Vermont, RECKLESS in Cincinnati, and THE UNDERPANTS (adapted by Steve Martin) in Philadelphia. She has been seen on: LAW & ORDER, SEX & THE CITY, BROTHERS & SISTERS (to name all the shows with an “&”), COMMON LAW and as the impressionable mid-western neighbor, Debbie Dooley, in Disney’s GOOD LUCK CHARLIE. She worked on the popular webisode series BOOK CLUB on HULU and in such films as MAINE STORY and THE SLEEPY MAN with John Hawkes. Her son Beckett was proud to make his first screen appearance in “Ending Up”, in utero. 

Amy Farrington (Terri) was born in Boston, but raised in Garland, near Dallas. She attended a musical theatre conservatory program, and worked in local and regional theatres before moving to Chicago. In Chicago, she performed at the Bailwick Repertory, The Court Theatre and the Steppenwolf Theatre. Twenty plays later, she moved to Los Angeles. She was a series regular in NBC’s, THE MICHAEL RICHARDS SHOW. She starred in pilots for several networks and guest-starred on numerous sitcoms including WILL & GRACE, JUST SHOOT ME!, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, TWO AND A HALF MEN, KING OF QUEENS & NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE.

Mikah Massman-Johnson (Jack) is a ray of sunshine: smart, eager, energetic, funny, playful, confident, genuine, and compassionate. A fountain of creativity with a true love of filmmaking and visual storytelling, he has been writing, illustrating, photographing and filming his own stories and stop motion animations since he was 4. He revels in school performances, has taken 2 stop motion animation courses, 3 sessions of Second City Improv, and the week-long Hollywood Stunt Camp. Mikah is very excited to have his first film role.

Paige Morrow KimballPaige Morrow Kimball (Katie) Yes, that’s our writer/director in the role of the “older” woman with the mole! Paige was originally going to play the role of Terri, but decided it was best if she just focused on directing this time! A little extra trivia: Those are Paige’s real daughters in the car: Suzanna and Makenzie as Katie’s daughters. Paige’s acting credits include: OMG I’M KNOCKED UP, DUDE WHERE’S MY CHUTZPAH, THE AGENCY, THE ANNIVERSARY, BAND OF MOTHERS, CURTAIN, GOSSIP BOY, THE LAST WAR HERO and more.